French call to end pulse fishing

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French seafood group Agromousquetaires, its fishing subsidiary Scapêche and parent company, the Intermarché supermarket chain, are calling for an end to electric fishing and have pledged not to sell any fish caught using this method in its more than 1800 retail outlets.

Agromousquetaires state that electric fishing methods have been outlawed in Europe since 1998, but have been allowed under an experimental derogation since 2007. Since then, the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee voted through regulations that they feel could allow electric fishing to be expanded further.

‘Various scientific studies highlight the negative impacts of this technique on wildlife and marine ecosystems. This fishing practice is also criticised by many observers who are attentive to the preservation of the fishery resource,’ a statement from Agromousquetaires reads.

‘This is in addition to the associated economic and social risks, highlighted by artisanal fishermen around the North Sea.’

Intermarché and Agromousquetaires are concerned about the expansion of electric fishing while studies into its effects have yet to be completed.

‘The Agromousquetaires fishing fleet has never practiced electric fishing,’ a company spokesman said.

‘We are aware that the traceability of fishing techniques needs to improve, so Agromousquetaires, in collaboration with its suppliers, is putting in place a progress plan to set up this traceability. This will exclude supplies of the species fished using controversial methods.’

Agromousquetaires was launched as a fishing venture more than twenty years ago, and according to the company, its ambitions have always included commitments to sustainable exploitation of fish stocks.

‘Electric fishing has no part in this commitment,’ Agromousquetaires’ spokesman said.

Source: Agromousquetaires

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