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The chairman of Icelandic Seamen’s Union SSÍ commented last night that a final offer has been made to vessel operators’ federation SFS in the long-running seamen’s strike that has crippled the Icelandic fleet since mid-December.

According to state broadcaster RÚV, chairman Valmundur Valmundsson of Sjómannasamband Íslands (SSÍ) said that this I snot their sole effort, but comes fro all four unions engaged in the dispute with vessel operators’ federation SFS (Samtök Fyrirtækja í Sjávarútvegi).

He declined to be drawn on the contents of the offer. Both sides in the dispute have been under a media blackout, requested by the state arbitrator not to discuss issues publicly.

State arbitrator Bryndís Hlöðversdóttir commented to RÚV that no new meeting has been scheduled so far and she will call the two sides together when she has reason to do so.

Source: RÚV

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