Election questions for UK industry

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The British government’s surprise announcement of a snap election to be held in June took everyone by surprise. So what are the implications for the fishing industry? Both English and Scottish federations were quick to issue statements in response to the announcement.

According to the NFFO, the election campaign presents a ‘golden opportunity for the parties to make clear their level of commitment for the fishing industry,’ while SFF chief executive Bertie Armstrong reiterated their position.

‘The priority of the fishing industry remains crystal clear – we must exit the hugely damaging Common Fisheries Policy and restore control of UK waters,’ he said.

‘Fishermen in all our coastal communities will expect the political parties contesting the election to commit to this route and free us from the present unfair and harmful constraints on their right to make a living from the sea.’

According to the NFFO’s spokesman, the fishing industry is looking for ‘clear and unambiguous manifesto commitments’ on a range of issues.

These are the UK’s status as an independent coastal state as soon as it leaves the EU, a future UK fisheries policy that is designed for and tailored to UK fleets, an exclusive 12 mile limit to protect inshore fleets, renegotiation of shared stocks to ensure that the UK’s shares broadly reflect the resources in UK waters, and maintenance of unimpeded access to markets and external waters fishing opportunities.

‘It is widely recognised that fishing has an iconic status, within the context of the UK’s departure from the EU, mainly because of the shabby way our industry has been treated in the past,’ the NFFO stated.

‘Brexit provides an opportunity to move swiftly away from the CFP and the slanted table that has worked to our severe disadvantage since 1973. The General Election and specifically the party manifestos, provide an opportunity for the parties to spell clearly spell out their policies on fishing. It will then be for the electorate to judge.’

Source: NFFO, SFF

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