EAPO calls for 2018 TACs and quotas in in line with three pillars of sustainability

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In advance of next week’s December Fisheries Council, the European Association of fish Producers Organisations (EAPO) has sent a position paper with general observations and relevant recommendations for about 25 stocks to the Council Members.

As such the EU Fish Producers Organisations umbrella body is calling on the Council of Fisheries Ministers to set the 2018 TACs and quota at levels consistent with the objective of the Common Fisheries Policy to manage fishing activities in a way that economic, social and employment benefits are achieved, and that there is a contribution to the food supply, taking into account long term ecological sustainability.

‘We are offering constructive suggestions to the Council to take decisions addressing the need for a long-term sustainable European fisheries sector,’ said EAPO president Pim Visser.

‘Adopting measures proposed by the Commission without taking into account socio-economic prosperity is in contradiction with the objectives of the CFP.’

In the position paper sent to the ministers, EAPO highlights concerns over the European Commission’s management proposals not being in line with its approach for setting fishing opportunities.

In the EAPO paper it is also stipulated that the preparation for the 2019 full implementation of the landing obligation for all stocks under catch limits, has to be taken into account.

‘It is surprising that in the explanatory memorandum of the Commission’s proposal there is no reference to this problem or any suggestions of how the enormous issue of a full implementation of the landing obligation in a year’s time will be addressed,’ Pim Visser said. ‘The Fisheries Council should prepare for this in their decision on 2018.’

Source: EAPO

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