Danish suppliers ready to meet rising demand for farmed fish

Published by FiskerForum, 20-06-2017 · info@fiskerforum.dk

29 Danish suppliers to the aquaculture industry will be exhibiting at the Danish pavilion when Aqua-Nor in Trondheim opens on 15th August. The Danish suppliers will be showcasing equipment and services for aquaculture industry’s entire value chain.

According to Martin Winkel, Head of Danish Fish Tech Group who is the organiser of the Pavilion of Denmark, the strong Danish presence at this year’s Aqua Nor can be explained by the rising demand of farmed fish.

‘Globally, the demand for fish and seafood products is growing. However, most countries do not wish to depend on imported fish and thus, turn to farmed fish. Accordingly, aquaculture has expanded remarkably in the past decades and will eventually exceed traditional wild catch. With Norway holding its position as the world’s largest exporter of salmon, the market has great potential for the Danish aquaculture suppliers,’ he said.

Danish Fish Tech Group, part of Danish Export Association, is the largest Danish supplier group to the global fishing, aquaculture and seafood processing industries.

One of the Danish suppliers exhibiting at Aqua Nor 2017 is Oxymat A/S. The company manufactures on-site oxygen generators and agrees that there is great market potential within the aquaculture industry.

‘The oxygen market has a growth potential that will increase fivefold within the next ten years,’ explained Oxymat CEO Jesper Sjögren.

‘Due to feed limits in sea cages, fish farmers grow the salmons to larger sizes in hatcheries. Bigger salmons use more oxygen and thus, oxygen demand increases through the supply chain. The use of oxygen is essential during the transportation of salmon by well boats as well as various processes to avoid the growing problems with sea lice.’

To meet the demands, Oxymat A/S is launching a new version of their PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology) generators that allow fish farmers to produce oxygen on-site ensuring a higher growth ratio in the sea cages or land-based tanks. 

‘Our generators enable an uninterrupted reliable source of oxygen produced directly at the fish farm making the farmers independent from external gas suppliers. This reduces costs, and our new Oxymat On-site Oxygen Generator reduces energy consumption by 40%,’ he added.

Source: Danish Tech Group

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