Companies join forces under Skaginn 3X name

Published by FiskerForum, 01-02-2017 · info@fiskerforum.dk

Icelandic high-tech equipment suppliers Skaginn and 3X Technologies will from now on jointly be known as Skaginn 3X.

Both companies are internationally recognised in developing and providing food processing systems and have strong roots in the Icelandic seafood sector. The third arm of the company under the same umbrella is the Icelandic-based Thorgeir & Ellert.

‘Our collaboration has proved successful and we look forward to the future. There are many large and revolutionary projects ahead, which will hopefully lead the global seafood industry towards adopting new and improved processing methods,’ said Ingolfur Arnason, CEO of Skaginn 3X.

The main reason is that the company wishes to strengthen its product portfolio, increase marketing efficiency and simplifying communications with the customers.

‘Being united under one name helps us create stronger awareness about our work and provide our customer easier access to a wider and integrated product range. It also helps us streamline our message to our customers,’ commented COO Karl Asgeirsson.

Skaginn and 3X Technology have been collaborating for years, the latest venture as a united company being the installation of unmanned fishroom robotics for HB Grandi’s new fresher trawler Engey RE-91.

‘The new system is a great engineering accomplishment, which will eliminate the need for crew to set foot into the fishroom,’ he said.

Source: Skaginn 3X

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