Carsoe wins complete shrimp factory order

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Niisa Trawl’s new trawler, under construction at the Metalships & Docks yard at Vigo in Spain is due to start fishing by the end of 2018 and will be sailing with a Carsoe factory deck.

Like the newly completed trawler Svend C for Sikuaq Trawl in Greenland has been fishing succesfully for its first fishing trips, the owners of the new Regina C, the Christensen family, have also opted for a factory deck fitted out by Danish company Carsoe A/S.

‘It’s actually the fourth trawler we are supplying with processing equipment for the Christensen family, if I take into account what we have supplied since the days of Carnitech. In fact we have some of the same people from back then working on the processing equipment for the latest trawlers,’ said Carsoe CEO Mikkel Jacobsen.

Regina C will have a complete factory installed with an automatic separation of by-catch, grading of shrimps by size and a continuous cooking line. The shrimps will either be frozen in IQF tunnels or in automatically loaded and unloaded horizontal freezers. The frozen and packed shrimps are then set aside in a freezer hotel for onboard palletising.

The Skipsteknisk-designed trawler will be outfitted for primarily shrimp fishery, but options for other fisheries have been incorporated into its design.

The equipment for the Regina C is the fourth of six contracts for complete factory installations that Carsoe has signed with different companies during the last twelve months.

Source: Carsoe

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