Black Sea fishing opportunities for 2018

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Ahead of the December Fisheries Council, where EU Member States will agree fishing quotas for 2018, the European Commission has tabled its proposal on catch limits and quotas for the Black Sea, following adoption of the first-ever multi-annual management plan for the region.

The proposal, which concerns Bulgaria and Romania, is the outcome of this year's General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) Annual Session, which approved the first-ever multi-annual management plan for the Black Sea.

For sprat, the Commission proposes to maintain a catch limit of 11,475 tonnes; 70% is allocated to Bulgaria and 30% to Romania.

For turbot, the Commission transposes in its proposal the quotas adopted in the GFCM management plan for turbot, with 114 tonne allocations for 2018 and 2019, split equally between Bulgaria and Romania, with a two-month closed period (15 April - 15 June) and limitation of fishing efforts to 180 days at sea per year.

Following the recent successful GFCM plenary, for the first time, the new management and control measures for two iconic Black Sea species will be implemented by all riparian countries.

According to the Commission, this marks remarkable progress in shifting towards an equal level playing-field in the region, and will also help to incentivise joint efforts to tackle IUU fishing. Collectively, the Commission expects these measures to have a positive impact on stock recovery.

The 41st GFCM annual session ushered a new era of co-operative fisheries management in the Black Sea, building on the Bucharest Declaration and the driving force for change created by the adoption of the Malta MedFish4ever Declaration.

Complementary to the management measures and enforcing their effective implementation, an international inspection pilot project established with the assistance of the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) will contribute to the combatting IUU fishing in the region. The Commission will also promote training workshops for non-EU inspectors through the EFCA.

The Commission plans to continue promoting a multilateral approach to fisheries management in the Black Sea. Following the adoption of the GFCM multi-annual management plan for turbot and the Regional Plan of Action against IUU fishing, new milestones for the next years have been set, in particular regarding the implementation of the GFCM 2017-2020 multi-annual strategy.

A high-level conference will be held in June 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, to establish a ten-year work plan to improve fisheries and aquaculture in the Black Sea. Coastal states will work on the implementation of the GFCM BlackSea4Fish project for regional co-operation on research and data collection.

Source: European Commission

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