New forum to examine offshore aquaculture

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Oregon State University to host two day forum to examine the development of offshore aquaculture programmes.

Hatfield Marine Science Center of Oregon State University is holding a two-day forum to explore the feasibility of develping offshore aquaculture programmes in the Pacific Northwest. It is said that the event will be informational and will explore the potential rewards as well as the downsides of offshore aquaculture in this area. According to the University the Pacific Northwest offers some unique opportunities to offshore aquaculture. The University also said that clean, ocean waters will allow production of high-value, cold-water fish and shellfish species, while high wave and wind energy could provide offshore structures with sources of power. It is said that the forum will provide an opportunity for an informed discussion of the risks and opportunities for offshore aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest. The forum include speakers with a wide range of expertise, legislators, community leaders, scientists and other interested parties to discuss the potential benefits and risks of this new approach to producing seafood in this region. In the forum the speakers include regulators, community leaders, aquaculture industry representatives, fishing industry representatives, economists and scientists. Among the topics: environmental, economic, biological and management issues, food safety, siting and engineering challenges, potential business models, and fish and shellfish species suitable for the Pacific Northwest.

Source: TheFishSite News Desk

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