900 tonnes in 14 days

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Faroese factory trawler Akraberg docked in Fuglafjörður a couple of days ago to discharge its an exceptional trip’s catch taken in the Russian zone of the Barents Sea.

Eyðun á Bergi was Akraberg’s skipper for this trip to the Barents Sea, and the catch was an impressive 900 tonnes in only fourteen days of fishing, with all of this caught using Akraberg’s 470 mesh Vónin Turbot trawls.

The Vónin Turbot trawl, with its short fishing line and stubby wings, is designed for the best results on fish that are hard on the bottom. The trawl is designed to be downward-seeking to maintain ground contact, an dis also a highly flexible trawl design for a variety of fisheries.

It is mainly used on Greenland halibut, haddock, saithe, redfish and on cod.

According to Vónin, the Turbot trawl is used mainly by factory vessels operating in Greenland waters and in the Barents Sea, and is good for twin-rig trawling as well as for towing as a single rig, and the design of the gear is such that it can be towed fast without losing ground contact.

Source: Vónin

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