Proposals for revolutionary Australian fishing vessel

A new fishing vessel design with innovative lines is being proposed in Australia. Naval architect Paul Bury of Bury Design has made available concept drawings of a new 20 metre fishing vessel configurable for a variety of gear types.

The design features an inverted axe box configuration that provides a long waterline length, providing excellent seakeeping qualities, reducing pitching and giving reduced resistance – which brings with it the benefits of better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. A vessel built to this design would be the largest in Australia with a measured length of under 20 metres.

The layout incorporates an impressive 110 cubic metre fishroom with 150mm of insulation for holding frozen catches. Aft of the forward wheelhouse is a 12.60 metre working deck that can be arranged to suit the gear type worked and the owner’s preferences. Accommodation is for a crew of six in twin berth cabins plus a skipper’s cabin in the superstructure.

Bury Design envisage a diesel-electric propulsion system rather than a conventional diesel drive train, with dual motors driving and twin propellers, which adds to manoeuvrability and means there is no need for a bow thruster.

At present the design is being priced on the basis of construction being carried out at an Australian-owned shipyard in Thailand, with Australian supervisors and to AMSA/NSCV standards, and expressions of interest are being sought from fishing operators looking to replace older tonnage of to add fishing capacity.

WorldFishingToday - 26-08-2018

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