New Prestfjord ordered from Gondan

Only a few years after taking delivery of a new trawler, the Norwegian Prestfjord AS fishing company, which operates a trawler of the same name, is ready to upgrade again – this time to what designers Rolls-Royce are calling the world’s most advanced fishing vessel.

The new Prestfjord has been ordered from the Gondan yard in Spain and is due to be delivered in 2020. According to owner Knut Roald Holmøy, the company makes a point of being ahead of the curve when it comes to development.

‘We are committed to continuous development and ensure that our fleet is as efficient as possible - both for the environment and for fishing,’ Knut Roald Holmøy said.

This is the fourth Rolls-Royce-designed trawler for Prestfjord AS and for twenty years the company has been one of the forces driving for new technology in fishing.

‘Prestfjord has always wanted to take advantage of the possibilities offered by Rolls-Royce's new technology,’ said Monrad Hide at Rolls-Royce.

‘Several times they have been the first buyer of the latest technology and we have been able to reap the benefit of their experience. This new trawler will be the first in the industry with Rolls-Royce's latest battery hybrid system, combined with the latest in winches, propulsion and energy monitoring technology.’

This is the second delivery to Prestfjord AS by the Gondan yard, which previously delivered Sunderoy in 2004.

Scheduled for delivery in 2020, Prestfjord will be 77.30 metres overall with a 17 metre beam and built with accommodation for a crew of up to 29. It will have a 2250 cubic metre hold capacity and a factory deck fitted with the latest in processing technology, including a meal plant.

Prestfjord will be built to an NVC372 design and is arranged for pelagic and demersal trawling, and is expected to operate on both whitefish and shrimp in Arctic waters..

‘This will probably be the world's most advanced fishing boat, especially in terms of environment and efficient use of energy,’ Monrad Hide said.

Rolls-Royce will provide ship design, a battery system that regulates load changes and integrated with the hybrid propulsion system. Central to the system is Hybrid Shaft Generator (HSG), which contributes to reduced emissions.

This means that the trawler can switch between operating diesel-electric, diesel-mechanical or with a combination of both. The HSG system will operate in conjunction with the latest Bergen B33:45 main engine as well as auxiliary engine, and a Promas integrated steering and propulsion system.

Prestfjord will also be fitted with Rolls-Royce permanent magnet (PM) winches.

WorldFishingToday - 02-06-2018

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