Emeraude ready for first trip

French fishing companies Euronor in Boulogne and Compagnie des PĂȘches in St Malo have taken delivery of a new factory trawler from Kleven’s Myklebust Verft in Norway.

The new Emeraude replaced la Grande Hermine which concluded its last trip for the company earlier this year.

Emeraude is built to the same design as the Berlin and Cuxhaven that were delivered by the same shipyard to German fishing company DFFU last year.

DFFU and the two French companies have shared ownership. DFFU is owned by Icelandic company Samherji, while Euronor is jointly owned by Samherji and Dutch company P&P, who also together hold a substantial stake in Compagnie des PĂȘches.

The 80 metre new trawler is a Rolls-Royce NVC374WP design, with a wave-piercing bow designed to provide a stable working platform, while the hull is designed for minimal resistance and economic operation.

It has a Bergen Diesel B33:45 main engine, designed to provide 20% more power per cylinder than older Bergen engines and for 25,000 hours of operation between major maintenance overhauls. Rolls-Royce also supplied the auxiliary engines, propulsion train, hydraulic deck equipment and monitoring systems.

Emeraude is designed to work with a crew of 35.

WorldFishingToday - 03-05-2018

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