Janni – Hanstholm fisherman’s dream

Hanstholm fisherman Kim Pedersen has dreamed for almost twenty years of being able to build a new boat. The dream has been shared with his wife, Janni, and it was logical that the new trawler should be named after her, as were his previous boats.

The story started eighteen years ago when he bought a share in a wooden-hulled boat, which was sold a few years later and replaced with the 1994-built Jylland that was refitted with a new engine and gearbox. In 2007 he upgraded to his first steel boat, which also had a major refit while he owned, with a new wheelhouse, accommodation and shelterdeck.

That trawler was sold to Norway and Kim and Janni were close to achieving their aim with their new boat under construction at Vestværft. While Kim was working on Henning Kjeldsen’s Nordkysten S-249, a deal was struck and he was able to come ashore in October last year to concentrate on overseeing the newbuild.

Janni HM-96 was formally christened on 27th January at Hanstholm’s Kai 42, with Kim and Janni’s daughters Celina and Sanne taking part. It was Celina who neatly cracked the champagne bottle against the new trawler’s plates.

Unlike his previous boat that also fished for industrial species, Janni solely focuses on fishing for human consumption, with a carefully designed set of arrangements for sorting, gutting and cooling the catch.

Built by Vestværft to the yard’s own design, Janni measures 16.98 metres overall with a 5.88 metre beam and has a 92 cubic metre fishroom. Accommodation is for a crew of four and Janni sails with three regular crew and a trainee, with one crewman ashore so there is a three-week rollover period for the crew.

The main engine is a Cummins QSK19M, supplied by Granly Diesel, driving a Hundested VP10 propeller via a Guascor REV360 reduction gear at a 9:1 ratio. Hundested also supplied the FT3 side thruster.

West Diesel supplied the twin Mitsubishi gensets, and West Marine provided the Azcue pumps. AS: SCAN supplied the complete type MT500 Scan Steering system. Janni has tank capacity for 12,000 litres of fuel and 1500 litres of fresh water.

Thyborøn Skibs & Motor supplied the hydraulic installation and the deck hardware, with three trawk winches, two net drums, helper and codend winches. As the gear is hauled, the codend is taken forward and emptied through a hatch on the starboard side to the hopper below where the Boatech catch handling system is installed with gutting, sorting and washing facilities.

Janni fishes with trawls supplied by ES Trawl in Hanstholm, spread using a pair of Thyborøn doors and roller clump, and towed on DynIce warps.

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