Seven-trawler series for Iceland

Four fishing companies in Iceland have joined forces to place orders for seven new trawlers to be built at Vard’s Aukra shipyard for delivery in 2019. Vard and the four customers have between them developed an innovative design for the 28.95 by 12 metre fresher trawler series.

The companies behind the NoK700 million order for the Vard 8 08 design trawlers are Síldavinnslan subsidiary Bergur-Huginn, Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa, Gjögur and Skinney-Thinganes, with the first two vessels of the series due to be delivered to Bergur-Huginn in March and May 2019, replacing its older trawlers Vestmannaey and Bergey. Like the trawlers they replace, the two new trawlers are expected to operate from the Westmann Islands.

The trawlers will feature spacious trawl decks, Seaonics electric permanent magnet winches, twin engines and twin-screw propulsion with large propeller and rudders. Each is designed to have a 240 cubic metre fishroom with capacity for 244 x 460 litre tubs, and accommodation for a crew of up to 13.

‘We chose to go with Vard for this project as we believe that it is greatly advantageous to work with a company with deep expertise in both ship design and shipbuilding,’ said Síldarvinnslan’s CEO Gunnthór Ingvason. ‘The past and current generations of Icelandic fishermen have had excellent experience working with Norwegian yards, and we look forward to the co-operation with Vard.’

The third trawler will go to Samherji subsidiary Úterðarfélag Akureyringa in early 2019, while the fourth and fifth trawlers in the series are for Gjögur, replacing two older vessels.

‘Over the last few years we have built a strong relationship with Vard,’ said Samherji’s CEO Thorsteinn Már Baldvinsson. ‘Together, we have specially developed these new trawlers according to our requirements and objectives. We have high expectations for our new vessel, and believe it will strengthen our fishing operations in Iceland.’

‘We believe this project will bring value to both VARD and the Icelandic companies involved,’ commented Gjögur’s Ingi Jóhann Guðmundsson.

The final two deliveries will be the pair of trawlers for Hornafjörður company Skinney-Thinganes, scheduled for delivery in late 2019.

‘We are proud to be a part of this innovative initiative to renew our trawler fleet in Iceland, and we trust that VARD will deliver great vessels for our company and crew, the company’s Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson said.

Vard’s Aukra yard was established in 1949, and has a strong reputation for its fishing vessels, ferries, offshore vessels and other highly specialised vessels. In recent years Vard Aukra has developed a new portfolio that includes large fish feed carriers and live fish carriers for the aquaculture sector as well as new designs for the fishing industry.

‘We are pleased to welcome our new customers from Iceland, and are honoured to be chosen as the partner for this unique collaboration of Icelandic seafood companies,’ Vard’s CEO Roy Reite said.

‘The contracts are in line with Vard’s strategy of expanding our product range, and we are confident that our highly experienced shipbuilders at Vard Aukra will deliver quality products that meet our customers’ expectations.’

WorldFishingToday - 04-12-2017

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