Six trawlers for Murmansk operator

The Okskaya Shipyard has signed a contract to deliver six new fresher trawlers to Murmansk company Valiant JSC.

The trawler design has been developed by the KB Vostok design bureau and the vessels will have an overall length of 38 metres with a beam of 9 metres and 340 cubic metres of fishroom space, a combination of 280 cubic metres of chilled storage space and a 60 cubic metre freezer hold. Engine power will be 1330kW, supplemented by a pair of 22kW gensets.

The trawlers will be capable of demersal and pelagic trawling and their primary role will be to deliver fresh or frozen catches during a year-round operation.

The deal between Variant and the Okskaya yard is reported to be worth 2 billion rubles.

‘The shipyard has entered a new stage in its development,’ commented executive director Denis Samsikov.

‘Work on co-operation with fishing companies had been in progress long before the allocation in 2017 of the state quotas to support fishing fleet renewal. The modernisation of our production over the past three years has allowed us to expand the range of our vessels, including into the fishing sector.’

Okskaya shipyard is a major shipbuilder in Russia, with track record of building container vessels, barges, special purpose craft and much else. It is part of international transport group UCL Holding which has interests in shipping, shipbuilding, railway, stevedoring and logistics.

Variant currently operates four Alpinist-type freezer trawlers, Variant, Distinkt, Solombala and Nerey, as well as the Norwegian built demersal trawler/longliner Onega.

The Variant Group has a variety of activities in addition to operating its five fishing vessels, including cold storage, logistics and its own sales platforms.

WorldFishingToday - 28-11-2017

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