New trawler for Le Guilvinec

Le Guilvinec fishing company Armement Bigouden has taken delivery of a new trawler, designed by Coprexma and built at the Chantiers Gléhen yard in Douarnanez. The new trawler was formally christened on Saturday in Le Guilvinec.

Built on a steel hull with aluminium superstructure, the new Bara Breizh follows a tried and tested formula, again bringing together a designer and a shipyard with a 30-year track record of supplying this fishing company.

Capable of operating as a twin-rig demersal trawler or with pelagic gear for part of the year for pair trawling for albacore tuna, Bara Breizh is 24.95 metres overall with 7.80 metre beam and is designed with a 4.50 metre draft to make the port of Le Guilvinec accessible.

The 180 cubic metre fishroom has capacity for fifty 660 litre fish tuns and twenty-three 460 litre tubs, as well as a 30 cubic metre holding area for discards to be retained.

Bara Breizh has deck equipment supplied by Bopp, with three main trawl winches, five net drums, two gilsons and a crane for discharging catches. Trawl doors are from Morgère and trawl gear is supplied by le Drezen.

The main engine is a 600kW Caterpillar 3512 driving a 2400mm diameter propeller inside a nozzle via a Masson Marine W7400 NR EW reduction gear.

During the design process a great deal of attention was paid to crew comfort and ergonomic working conditions on board. Accommodation is two-berth crew cabins and single cabins for the engineer and skipper, and the crew are heavily insulated to minimise noise and vibration.

A sister vessel, so far known only as Bara XVII, is under construction at the yard in Dournanez and is scheduled for delivery in mid-2019. The company has regularly renewed its fleet over the years, but the last newbuild for Armement Bigouden was five years ago.

One of the company’s older trawlers is being sold to Mauretania to make way for the new Bara Breizh. Skipper Gilles Lazard and his crew have switched to the new trawler from Bara Anty.

WorldFishingToday - 06-11-2017

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