Frida Amalie ready for the North Sea

There’s an addition to the Thyborøn fleet, the latest in a series of fishing vessels designed by Vestværft and with construction contracted elsewhere. This time the Kynde & Toft yard is where the new trawler/seine netter has been completed.

Frida Amalie’s steelwork was completed at the Riga Shipyard in Latvia and the vessel was towed to Thyborøn in Denmark for fitting out at the Sydhalevej quayside next to Kynde & Toft’s workshops.

The new Frida Amalie L-549 measures 32.12 metres overall with a 9 metre beam and a depth of 6.85 metres. Fuel capacity is for 48,000 litres, there is a 275 cubic metre fishroom and accommodation is for a crew of up to nine, although Frida Amalie is expected to operate on a two-on-two-off basis with two alternating crews.

Skipper Johnni Kaalund Munksgaard involvement came about after he sold his share of seine netter Andres Nees, when he started sailing as relief skipper on Martine L-649. Then the opportunity arose to have a 49% stake in the 32m newbuild, against the boat’s majority shareholder Henning Kjeldsen, owner of Gitte Henning and a number of other Danish fishing vessels.

The new boat is named after Johnni Kaalund Munksgaard’s daughters Frida and Amalie.

Frida Amalie is fitted out to fish with either trawl or seine net gear, landing its catches in Thyborøn or Hanstholm.

Kynde & Toft supplied the trawl and fly-shooting deck equipment for Frida Amalie, which was produced at the workshops in Thyborøn and trucked to Latvia for installation at Riga Shipyard. VCU in Urk supplied the sorting, gutting and washing systems for handling the catch, which includes a Jensen Techniek F80 gutting machine and Marelec weighing systems.

WorldFishingToday - 28-08-2017

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