Blue Wave: future fishing vessel

Jean-Baptiste Goulard only in his early twenties when the owner he was working for at the time gave him the chance he needed to own his own boat. Now he can see that change is needed and has been immersed in the Blue Wave project to develop a new vessel to take the place of the traditional groundfish trawler fishing from Brittany, and the first of these new trawlers is about to start taking shape.

Now 34, he has been the skipper and owner of his own trawlers since he was 23, and now the three trawlers employ seventeen people directly and support another dozen jobs ashore. Coppelia, Pax Vobis and Harmonie fish from Loctudy in Brittany, and with all three having been built between 28 and 32 years ago, he feels the time has come to consolidate and renew them.

Two years ago he initiated the Blue Wave project to develop a new vessel that suits the fishing patterns for the demersal fleet in Brittany, and after a long period for exploration and design, the project is close to starting construction of its new trawlers in October.

‘This won’t take place in France, and we are planning to build at Agadir in Morocco. But the key equipment is coming from France, such as Bopp hydraulics and deck equipment, electric propulsion and Thomas refrigeration. The main reason is cost,’ he said. ‘This is a third less in Morocco than in France.’

The design that has been settled on is for a 22 metre overall trawler with a 6.95 metre beam, and it abandons the traditional flared bow to provide an easier passage through the water, with less slamming and greater comfort, as well as a projected 10% energy advantage, as part of a flexible concept that also lends itself to research or windfarm duties. The 2380mm diameter propeller is powered by a 500kW motor.

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WorldFishingToday - 19-06-2017

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