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Solent bridges the gap with new slave hauler

Solent Engineering has added to its range with a 1.25 tonne hauler that the company’s Dave Middleton says bridges a gap in the company’s already extensive range. Based in southern England, Solent Engineering has built up a solid reputation for the quality of its fishing hardware.

With a range of slave haulers that starts at only a quarter of a tonne, it includes 0.50 tonne, 0.75 tonne and one-tonne haulers, as well as 1.50 tonne and 2 tonne units, but there is a substantial gap between the one and 1.50 tonne haulers.

‘There’s a big difference there. A one-tonne hauler isn’t quite enough for some of our customers but the heavier 1.50 tonne hauler is too much, in terms of both capacity and weight. The 1.50 tonne unit is a lot heavier, with a cast iron chassis, so we wanted to bridge the gap between the two,’ he said.

‘It’s the missing piece of the puzzle.’

‘It looks like the one-tonne hauler but has that extra power to it, and it comes with the same 16-inch diameter plates, but these are thicker to cope with the additional torque.’

Made in 316 stainless steel throughout, the 1.25 tonne hauler includes sheaves that are designed with multi-angle geometry that provides a much more effective grip on the rope.

‘We launched it today,’ he said, speaking at the Skipper Show in Aberdeen. ‘And there’s been a great interest in this right away. The hauler comes complete with either a square backplate or a conventional circular back plate. It has a heavy-duty motor and shaft support on two roller bearings and comes with a double-sided stainless steel ejection knife, plus the standard galvanised wear plates.’

Dave Middleton added that like all of Solent Engineering’s products, it can be supplied as part of a package that can includes pumps, clutches and control valves.

WorldFishingToday - 31-05-2017

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