Small but powerful

A new multi-purpose fishing vessel built at Stadyard in Norway is probably the biggest small boat you’re ever likely to see. The 15m overall by 8m beam TA Senior is built for seine netting, purse seining and gillnetting.

TA Senior has certainly attracted attention. The 15m seiner has a huge amount of capacity slotted into its small hull, including a catch handling deck built into the bow section and six RSW tanks amidships that provide 120 cubic metres of space for catches, as well as providing options for transporting live fish.

Designed by Seacon, TA Senior has been built at Stadyard for Morten Ingebrigtsen who fishes from Akkarfjord in Finmark, and the newbuild replaces the previous 2001-built TA Senior.

For the full story and interview report on TA Senior, go to the latest issue of Hook & Net, available via the web version or check out the free mobile app, built for for your IOS or Android device.

WorldFishingToday - 26-03-2017

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