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New Svend C calls in Faroes

The Tersan Shipyard at Yalova in Turkey has delivered a new shrimp factory trawler to owners Sikuaq Trawl in Greenland.

The new Svend C is designed to catch and process shrimp at sea and unlike the company’s previous vessels, it also has capacity to work with pelagic gear and to process herring and mackerel on board on a seasonal basis.

The Skipsteknisk-designed Svend C has an 82.60 metre overall length and a 17 metre beam. It has a 12-cylinder 6960kW Wärtsilä main and gensets, as well as Wärtsilä auxiliaries. The factory deck is fitted out with Optimar and Carsoe systems, including four horizontal plate freezers and three IQF freezers to give the processing deck a 220 tonnes/day capacity.

Svend C called first at Fuglafj√∂r√įur in the Faroe Islands to bunker and take on its Oliveira trawl warps supplied by V√≥nin, before steaming to T√≥rshavn to collect the trawler‚Äôs full package of fishing gear from V√≥nin‚Äôs net loft.

Vónin supplied Svend C with four 3800 mesh four-panel Vónin 2014 shrimp trawls, 16 square metre trawl doors, a 1728 pelagic trawl with 49 metre codends and a pair of 13 square metre pelagic trawl doors.

WorldFishingToday - 11-01-2017

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