Newbuild trawler for Danish family

The Jobi yard at Strandby in Denmark has contracted to build a 23.75 metre trawler for father and son Ejner and Rasmus Klitlund, replacing their existing vessel with the newbuild scheduled for completion at the end of 2017.

The new trawler, which will carry the same Emilie FN-267 name and registration as their present boat, is a Vestværft design and involves a number of sub-contractors. The hull is being built in Poland and is expected to arrive in Strandby in August. Jobi Værft is in charge of fitting it out, with Scanel International in Frederikshavn fitting the electrical systems, Strandby company Hans Østergaard dealing with the engine installations and AS Scan handling the hydraulics.

‘There’s a change of generations taking place now that my son Rasmus is with the company,’ said Ejner Klitlund. ‘We’re planning to future-proof ourselves as far as we can by investing in a new trawler.’

He has plenty of experience of working with Jobi Værft and its owners, brothers Jesper and Bjarke Faurholt.

‘We have used them since they took over the yard, and they have done very well. It is also an advantage for us that we can follow the work when we are in port. At the same time we are helping to ensure that there is shipbuilding in Strandby again.’

‘We look forward to show that we handle this kind of order,’ said Jesper Faurholt. ‘Of course we hope that this gets noticed, so we can expand our construction activities in the future, because we have all the skills and the necessary facilities to deliver complete newbuilds.

He commented that the yard has also invested in its facilities, with a new construction hall, workshops and offices close to completion.

Niels Bay Christensen,director of trade and industry body Erhvervshus Nord also welcomed the order placed with Jobi Værft for the new Emilie, commenting that it will be a benefit to a number of companies across the region and they are working with the yard to attract more orders for newbuilds.

‘At one time it was said that we could no longer have newbuilding yards in Denmark, but you have to change your mind if you look at Frederikshavn,’ he said. ‘Our yards can provide high quality and have specialised fishing expertise that can not be found anywhere else, because these yards know the fishermen and their requirements.’

WorldFishingToday - 19-12-2016

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