Multi-purpose newbuild for La Turballe

When Christophe Julio wanted to replace the family’s trawler, he decided to go for a new boat with a GRP hull and went to the Plasti-PĂȘche yard at L'Aiguillon-sur-Mer for the newbuild.

The original Fabian MĂ©lissa, built in 1988, was sold at the beginning of this year and this summer the new GRP-hulled Fabian MĂ©lissa II was delivered by Plasti-PĂȘche to Christophe Julio, his wife Aline and son Fabian, who also takes over as skipper. The boat operates from La Turballe on France’s Atlantic coast.

The 30-month newbuild project has been more expensive than steel, but GRP was chosen for its low maintenance, and the owners firmly believe in the future of fishing.

This is a multi-purpose fishing vessel designed to all ow them to alternate fisheries for sole, langoustine, cuttlefish, squid, pelagic species and shellfish at different times of the year.

Fabian MĂ©lissa has an overall length of 11.95 metre and a beam of 5.80 metres, providing plenty of deck area, as well as space for two tanks for holding live langoustine.

The main engine is a 171kW Volvo D13 , which drives a 1500mm diameter four-bladed propeller via a Masson gearbox. Fuel capacity is for 3000 litres of diesel.

Fabian MĂ©lissa II’s layout includes a well-equipped shelterdecked working deck that incorporates a sorting table and facilities to minimise lifting, as well as accommodation for a crew of up to four with a well fitted-out galley and mess area.

WorldFishingToday - 15-10-2016

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