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Swedish operators merge for newbuild

Swedish fishing companies Bristol Fiske AB and Clipperton Fiske AB have merged to form B-C Pelagic AB, and to order a new pelagic vessel from Karstensens Skibsværft, replacing their existing trawlers. The new vessel will have access to both industrial and human consumption quotas.

The new Clipperton will fish for herring and mackerel for human consumption, as well as for industrial species such as sandeel and sprat. It replaces Bristol Fiske’s Bristol and Clipperton Fiske’s Clipperton.

Both companies have their origins in Donsö, south of Gothenburg, with Bristol operated by the Jansson brothers, Runar, Aste and Kenny in a company that dates back to their first steel newbuilding in 1961. Clipperton is also a family company that goes back to 1967, today run by Reine Backman, Marcus Backman and Adolf Erling Malmberg, with the older generation of Gunnar Backman and Inge Backman still involved in the company and the younger generation studying at the Skagen Skipper School.

The new Clipperton will be the first newbuild for Donsö for fifteen years. The hull is expected to arrive in Skagen in September next year and the trawler is scheduled to be delivered to its owners in April 2018.

This is yet another of the Karstensen yard’s own designs, and is close to the design of the Themis, with the focus on efficiency and clean workflow, as well as on the crew’s safety and comfort.

Clipperton will have an overall length of 63 metres, a 1455 cubic metre RSW tank capacity and a 2929kW MaK main engine, as well as a pair of 600kW auxiliaries, 700kW bow and stern thrusters and a double 640kW RSW plant. The deck equipment package is for twin 60 tonne trawl winches and three 80 tonne net drums.

WorldFishingToday - 04-08-2016

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