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Cleopatra for Lofoten

Icelandic boatbuilder Trefjar has delivered a new 15gt Cleopatra to owners in Norway’s Lofoten Islands.

The 15gt Bj√łrnson has been delivered to fisherman Bj√łrn Jakobsen from Napp in the Lofoten Islands, replacing a Cleopatra with the same name he had delivered new from Trefjar in 2008.

Bj√łrnson has been completed with a roomy and well-equipped galley and mess area in the forward wheelhouse, and accommodation in below for a crew of up to four.

The boat has a 750hp FPT C13 main engine driving a ZF325IV reduction gear. The electronics package has been supplied by JRC and Simrad, and the bowthruster is linked to the autopilot to assist in maintaining course when hauling at slow speeds.

Bj√łrnson is rigged for longlining and jigging with a set of longline gear supplied by Norwegian company LorMek. The fishroom has capacity for fifteen 380 litre tubs.

WorldFishingToday - 15-06-2016

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