Downsizing due to diktats

After selling his industrial vessel recently, Hanstholm skipper Kim Johansen is going to have to adjust to a new way of working now that he has ordered a new boat from Polish yard Stcznia Parseta.

The 40 metre Camilla L-47 was sold to Hametner and is now about to be replaced with a 16.99 metre by 5.88 metre beam boat for primarily fishing with pots for crab and lobster.

He told Fiskerforum.dk that his reasons for leaving industrial fishing are that incomprehensible diktats from marine biologists and other so-called experts, plus endless uncertainty over quotas, have made his business impossible to run, hence his decision to leave that sector and downsize to a smaller vessel.

There are still decisions to be made, but the new vessel will have a Mitsubishi 221kW engine from West Diesel, plus 100kW and 300kW John Deere gensets for the new vessel with an electric propulsion system which will carry the Camilla name as well as the L-47 registration. The boat is due to be delivered by Stcznia Parseta as a turnkey project in mid-2017.

WorldFishingToday - 28-05-2016

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