Piriou delivers freezer longliner

French Shipbuilding group Piriou has delivered a new freezer longliner to Cap Bourbon, designed for operating under the tough conditions of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories, including around Kerguelen and Crozet Islands.

‘This new longliner is more reliable and economic and features the first step of the renewal of the toothfish fleet operating in the French Southern and Antarctic Territories EEZ,’ said Piriou general manager Vincent Faujour.

‘Our close partnership with Cap Bourbon allowed us to develop our skills and knowledge regarding this type of vessel and confirms our leadership position in this sector. Through this prototype developed with the Norwegian naval architects Skipsteknisk, we have demonstrated our ability to build in Vietnam fishing vessels to northern European standards and this is an area that is an important target market. "

Cap Kersaint features diesel electric propulsion providing flexible energy management, simplicity of maintenance and fuel economy, twin high performance azimuth propellers for better manoeuvrability and a moonpool system with lines hauled into a central handling area within the vessel’s hull. Cap Kersaint is also equipped with a small stern shooting ramp inaccessible to seabirds.

Hold capacity is 935 cubic metres in three separate holds and fuel tank capacity is 460 cubic metres.

Piriou’s record of deep sea freezer longliners includes l’Ile Bourbon and Albius for Sapmer, Mascareignes III for Armas Pêche (managed by SAPMER), Cap Horn I for Cap Bourbon, l’Ile de La Réunion for Comata and Saint-André for Pêche Avenir. The yard also redesigned and lengthened Croix du Sud for Sapmer.

WorldFishingToday - 17-12-2015

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