Latest ring netter launched

The latest ring netter from Buccaneer Boats has been launched – to be operated out of Shoreham, West Sussex.

Built for Jim Partridge, MD of Monteum Ltd, Royal Rebel has a standard 33ft hull, qualifying for the under 10m rule.

Powered by a Doosan L136 8.1 litre 6 cylinder engine with a PRM 1000SC 3:1 gearbox and a WaterMota J444 4.4 litre 4 cylinder auxiliary engine, Royal Rebel is designed by Gary Mitchell, as a multi-purpose vessel, used primarily for ring netting, but also suitable for other fishing including shell fishing.

“I wanted to introduce something different,” said Jim who had his first commercial fishing boat built 40 years ago and by his own admission has done very well out of the industry and hopes this will continue with the new vessel.

“This is the third boat which Gary has designed for me - he designed Royal Escape in 1972 and Royal Exile in 1980. Gary is the best designer, a cut above the rest in terms of hull shape.

“Fishing is my passion. My history is potting but sardines should fetch a premium on the East Coast as no-one else is fishing for them here. Ring netting is also far less environmentally damaging than heavy bottom trawling.”

He added: “While fishing has been affected by the recession, people do still have to eat.

“It’s the first time I’ve gone for a plastic boat. We bought her back from Cornwall to Shoreham in gales. I filled the fish holding tanks with water to make her quieter and she performed very well for 200 miles.”

Like its smaller siblings, Royal Rebel has a large hull volume and deck area for an under 10m boat, enabling it to have a carrying capacity of around 10 tonnes in three tanks.

A broad transom and bulbous bow aid fuel efficiency, help minimise plunging in a head sea and also make for a dry boat. She is also equipped with cabins for four crew, galley and heads. Large 8 tonne vivier tanks amidships keep the catch fresh and a large engine room has space for the main engine, an auxiliary generator set and fuel tanks.

She will be skippered initially by Jim together with three crew, until another skipper is trained up.

WorldFishingToday - 25-06-2012

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