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Her er ordet frit, kom med din mening.

Emne:dvds visserij
Dato:30-07-2009  21:01

I'll be there for to marking 32 years I have fished and is now back home with a worn, Feb-2007 I'm coming home to sit and after much bustling hospitals, physiotherapy enzv I went to hospital in Belgium and had the entire process over in September 2007, they put down my back 3 rugwervels and 2 between disks I can not do and can not care about the time to spend I started collecting DVD s of fishing from everywhere I have a lot but I can not stop anyone trying to do with fishing or the like to make contact or they can help me with dvd s of fishing as otherwise my box was is now my hobbij, and if I had to choose I went back films of the past and now everything is welcome

me to name addresses e-mail addresses of fishery can help you commit so that I can approach these

please you can help my

regards r verkamman
mansfeldstr 4
4341ex Arnemuiden holland
email =



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